NBC News: The New Mexico fallout after the Supreme Court turns a blind eye on the Texas abortion ban

“Many of these women are going to have to make choices that pit their own safety, and the safety of their family, and receiving necessary health care, against one another,” Rushforth said.

“There is a lot to be proud of as it pertains to the policy and legal landscape with abortion in New Mexico,” she added. “But the practical barriers people face when traveling to receive access to abortion, including to here, are breathtaking.”

Those added barriers are not lost on Aranda, the Mariposa Fund staffer, who said with a sad sigh that she believed the intent behind S.B. 8 was never to outlaw abortion in Texas.

“The whole point of this law, really, is to just make our job harder. It’s not to end abortion, people will still seek abortion care. It’s just to make it so we as providers can’t thrive, so that our patients can’t thrive. And that’s exactly what it’s doing.”


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